No. 15, Lord Luggard Street, Asokoro, Abuja FCT
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ATASP Phase-1

The Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Program Phase One (ATASP-1) is a Program of Federal Government of Nigeria funded by African Development Bank (AfDB). The Program is being implemented in four Staple Crops Processing Zones (SCPZS) and in seven States. Adani-Omor SCPZ (Anambra and Enugu States), Bida-Badeggi SCPZ (Niger State), Kano-Jigawa SCPZ (Kano-Jigawa States) and Kebbi-Sokoto SCPZ (Kebbi and Sokoto States) covering 225 communities in 33 Local Government Areas.




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Agricultural Transformation Agenda Support Programme Phase-1
No. 15, Lord Luggard Street, Asokoro, Abuja FCT, Nigeria

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